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 1. Designed wireframes, demoed them to UX team, the IAM team, and the Stakeholders. I used the feedback to update the wireframes.  2. Designed wireframes in an iterative process.  3. There was paper prototype and component testing within the teams.
 1. Created four groupings for content which describes the steps for users to sign up.  2. After user-testing it was determined users do not like providing their business or personal phone number. This option was taken out of the form.  3. I made sure there was no horizontal scrolling, there was autotabbing added (for accessibility reasons), labels and buttons were clear to the users.  4. Inline validation (as seen above) and error messages were added. The text field border will highlight to green if correct, and red if it’s wrong. The “Password’s must” section would give green checkmarks if correct, and red x’s if wrong.
 I created IAM Personas based on real users. users are Government Workers and Contractors. I also updated existing Personas for Reporting, using recent User Research results, and posted it to Confluence.
 Created a sitemap using REST and templated it in Confluence for the back-end developers to add to it while in development. The interface is large so keeping track of the pages will help stop page redundancies an helps the flow of implementing (The screenshot only shows a partial of the sitemap).
 The Process Model was developed to show how the user navigates through the system, how the system interacts with the user, and how the users Data is stored.
 I researched, presented, and illustrated a section in the Design System for IAM (ex. Contextual Help) and graphic Reports; created by the integrated reporting tool Micro Strategy, and text only reports that are not created by the tool.
Draft SAM Web Design Standards - UI Components.jpg
 The Reporting team set up a workshop to gather more requirements from the Stakeholders. On the wall our team marked three rows for the Reporting dashboard feature requirements: “Must Have” features, “Should Have” features, “Parking Lot” features, and to the lower bottom right “No” features. The Stakeholders will vote which feature goes into which row. I assisted, collected, recorded, and analyzed the results.
 Note: Our mockups were first demoed, then coded by the Developers.
 This is a wireframe of a Micro Strategies interactive Map and an accessible text only chart underneath.
 I analyzed existing user and Stakeholder research and applied what was necessary to the new webpage. I also contacted the users/stakeholders involved in the existing user research and testing (as seen in example below), and asked them questions and their thoughts about new features.  Note: existing user research = before I was contracted.
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